Essential Booking Information

Cottage Details

The cottage summary aims to give you an accurate description of the property together with several photographs. In most cases the property rental price is fully inclusive of fuel. Where there are any charges made for fuel, these will be stated in the property details. Beds described as 2’6” and bunk beds we recommend as only suitable for children. Should you require further details regarding the property or their locations please contact us – we will always be happy to give you more information.

Arrival and Departure

Properties are normally available from 5pm on the day that your holiday commences and should be vacated no later than 9am on the day of your departure. However, some properties have later arrival times and these will be stated in the Facilities and Services section of the property description.  Once your booking has been confirmed you will be given instructions as to key collection and we ask that you read and follow these instructions carefully to ensure there are no entry issues on arrival at your property.

Furnishings and Equipment

There will be sufficient furnishings and equipment for the advertised capacity with cooker, fridge, bedding and bed linen supplied. Not all properties provide freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and Wi-Fi. Please check the property details if required. Adequate heating will always be provided; this will not always be central heating.

Linen and Towels

Most of our properties provide bed linen and some provide towels. Please check property details. For two week holidays a change of bed linen and towels, where applicable, will be provided and this will be organised through your housekeeper/Owner. We do request that towels are not removed from the property and ask that you bring your own beach towels.


Please check the property description to see if Wi-Fi broadband is available. This is offered free of charge but please note that download speeds may vary by location, as can Wi-Fi signal coverage within a property. Details of the Wi-Fi router access code should be in the property but otherwise guests are expected to be I.T. self sufficient.

Cots/Travel Cots

Many of our properties provide a cot or travel cot including mattresses and these are usually free of charge. Bedding and linen is not provided for cots. Please remember to request a cot/travel cot if you require one. Cots are normally only occupied by infants less than two years old. Please check the property description and note your request if this facility is available.


An increasing number of properties are now providing high chairs which may be free of charge. Please check the property description, and note your request if this facility is available.


Provision for private parking is available at most of our properties.  On some occasions, where parking is limited on site, a special provision or permit may have been arranged. Details are given in the property description. Occasionally parking will be described as roadside, please check with our office regarding any restrictions. Please contact us if you need clarification of parking facilities.

Electric Cars & Devices

Electric cars are becoming increasingly common and we want to ensure they can be catered for wherever possible. Not all properties will have a suitable and safe place to charge vehicles, so always best to check prior to booking if this is an essential requirement. We strongly recommend you speak with the homeowner prior to arrival to discuss charging arrangements for any electric cars. Owners hold the right to charge additional fees if car charging is felt to be excessive.

We appreciate you may wish to bring electrical devices with you on holiday. These should always be in a safe condition. All our properties will have suitable heating arrangements and cooking equipment so we do not recommend bringing these items with you on holiday. For devices such as electrical heaters, there could be a potential fire risk, so we will always ask you to discuss such devices with owners prior to arrival.

Special Requirements

Please notify us if you have any special requirements or if one of your party has mobility or health problems, to help us make sure the property is suitable.

CD Players and Stereos

Most properties provide a CD player or similar. Please contact us for clarification if this is important to you.


Pets are allowed in many of our properties, unless otherwise stated in the details. However, we cannot accept responsibility for their safety, and they are accepted only on the understanding that they are kept under control (some Owners may ask visitors to keep their dogs on a lead). At no time should they be left alone unsupervised on the premises, and we request that they be kept off the furniture and not allowed in bedrooms. On occasion, although a property may specify pets are not acceptable, it may be possible that the Owner’s own dog may have been in the property. Please ask if you have any concerns about this, specifically, for example, if anyone in your party is allergic to pets. We will be happy to clarify the position in more detail for you. We receive an increasing number of enquiries of this nature and it is always worth mentioning to us at the time of booking to ensure a trouble-free stay. A charge will be made of £30 per pet per week or short break. Some property descriptions indicate an enclosed garden, but please note that this does not mean it is totally escape-proof.

Mobile Telephones

Please note that properties in some locations may not have mobile telephone reception. Please check if this is important to you.

Losses and Damages

Now and again accidents are bound to happen and any losses and damages during your holiday must be paid for. Every effort is made before your arrival to ensure everything is in place. Should you find any difficulties or damage on arrival, it is in your interest to notify the Owner or housekeeper or, failing that, our own office as soon as possible following your arrival.


Most of our properties are specified as non-smoking and we would ask you not to smoke inside these properties under any circumstances.

Older Cottages

Some of our guests will be seeking an older character cottage. These cottages could be over 100 years old and built before the advent of damp proof courses and insulation. Care is taken on inspection to take this into account, however some have a tendency to be damp and an occasional damp patch can become visible. Because of this, these cottages may not be suitable for anyone susceptible to a damp atmosphere. Part of the charm of such properties is the characteristically low ceilings, doorways, beams and steep narrow staircases.

Cancelling Your Holiday

Please refer to our booking conditions for information regarding cancellations.

Complaints Procedure

At North Devon Holiday Cottages we do everything possible to ensure you have an enjoyable stay. However, if you do have any cause for complaint about your cottage it is essential that you make contact with the Owner or their representative (details on your travel documents) immediately so that any problem can be quickly resolved. In all cases the contract for your accommodation is between you and the Owner so any queries or concerns should be addressed to them. If you cannot make contact with the Owner or their representative you should telephone our offices and we will do all we can to help rectify the matter. Complaints not reported at the time cannot be entertained subsequently and it is regretted that no correspondence can be entered into in the case of complaints made after your return home, when it will be appreciated that it is difficult for them to be effectively investigated. Further, North Devon Holiday Cottages cannot accept liability for happenings outside its reasonable control, such as breakdown of domestic appliances, plumbing, wiring, temporary invasion of pests, damage resulting from exceptional weather conditions or the Owners’ negligence resulting in loss, injury or accident.

Satellite TV

Many properties have satellite or Freeview TV packages which can vary in available channels. Whilst the information provided for individual properties is correct at the time of going to press, please contact us for exact clarification if this is important to you.

Map References

We have provided map references for each property, however we cannot be held responsible for any inconsistency that occurs.

Short Breaks

We offer short breaks throughout the year and these can be booked for 2,3,4,5 or 6 nights. Short breaks can start on any day of the week. You can easily identify in the property description those properties which offer short breaks. More and more visitors are enjoying our short breaks to escape the hustle and bustle and recharge their batteries by taking advantage of unexpected opportunities to get away.

Rates for Short Breaks

You can easily work out the cost of your short break:

  • 2 nights are calculated at 75% of the relevant weekly rate
  • 3 nights are calculated at 75% of the relevant weekly rate
  • 4 nights are calculated at 80% of the relevant weekly rate
  • 5 nights are calculated at 85% of the relevant weekly rate
  • 6 nights are calculated at 100% of the relevant weekly rate