Property Inspections

Why we inspect all our properties

We inspect all of our holiday cottages, irrespective of their size, location or price. So you can guarantee they will always come up to our high standards. However, some of our owners like to add an extra level of quality inspection by opting to be visited by VisitEngland. This allows them to be rated according to a national scheme and guarantees a level of comfort, accommodation, extras and cleanliness. Click on this link to view the VisitEngland Standards pdf.

You can tell which of our properties are VisitEngland graded by their rosette, which is displayed on the website and in the brochure.

To take part in the star rating scheme, each property must first meet a list of minimum requirements to even be considered for a star rating. If they don’t we won’t take them on. The requirements include a high standard of cleanliness, clear pricing and booking, local information, a level of comfort, colour TV (at no extra charge) and essential kitchen equipment.

One star: Simple accommodation that is safe and clean but that may not be self-contained, with all equipment fit for purpose and beds of a standard size.

Two star: Self-contained with good overall quality of décor and furnishings and fixtures. Space maybe limited. One bathroom for up to eight guests.

Three star: Décor and furnishings co-ordinated and practical, more spacious with greater levels of comfort and freedom of movement. Controlled heating, wider range of appliances, vacuum, microwave, beds with clean linen and extra bath or shower and wc for more than six guests.

Four star: Comfortable accommodation decorated to a high standard, with quality furnishings and furniture, beds and floorings, towels provided and clean linen made up on arrival, as well as washing machine and additional appliances. Additional wc if more than six guests.

Five star: Excellent quality accommodation, best of its type. High spec in all areas and attention to detail in all areas including external areas. All beds to be full size and full range of appliances including freezer, washing machine and dishwasher.

Gold award: These are the highest level of quality within their star rating.