North Devon Biosphere - Maintaining Devon

North Devon Holiday Cottages and the North Devon Biosphere Reserve

In the last few years we have been working on an initiative to support the North Devon Biosphere Reserve, an area covering a large part of North Devon that’s been designated by UNESCO as being world class because of its high environmental quality and the part played in it by sustainable practice and conservation.

By supporting the Biosphere we help to guarantee that it remains as beautiful a holiday destination as ever and that the way we live within it continues to be beneficial to both us and the environment.

We are supporting the Biosphere by asking everyone who books a holiday cottage in Devon with us to donate just £1. It’s an optional contribution, but we hope you will be happy to contribute to guarantee the future of our lovely environment.

Space for all: the North Devon Biosphere Reserve

The core of the North Devon Biosphere Reserve is at the sand dune system at Braunton Burrows. However, unlike traditional ‘reserves’, the Biosphere Reserve’s boundaries do not stop where the sand dunes end. Instead, the Reserve area includes the coast (North Devon Coast Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty), the Taw and Torridge estuaries and all the land that drains into them, encompassing farmland, moors, river valleys, woodlands and rare culm grasslands as well as towns, villages and hamlets and the sea as far as Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel.

The North Devon Biosphere is in good company too. There are fewer than 550 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves worldwide. These include places like the Danube Delta in Eastern Europe, the Hawaiian Islands and Mount Kenya.

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